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What do you prefer? 

A flowery backdrop or a green one? 

Either one we can make your day. Opt for an all rose wall or all green or have you considered a moss wall with roses or other pretty flowers? 

The best thing you can take with it is you can either lease it for that special night or buy it and keep it. Just drops a line and we’re sure to provide you with the right fit. 


They are there to keep and it’s something you want to have a memory of for a lifetime. You can of course get yourself a bouquet made of fresh cuts, spray them with hairspray and let them dust or you simply get yourself a bouquet made of preserved roses. These will retain their prettiness for many many years and save your memories with every glimpse of your eye and those visiting you. 

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You have an event and you’re contemplating spending a lot of money for that one of a kind centrepiece for that one single day but you’d rather have a piece that you would like to keep way after your opening of a special event? 

Preserved roses and greenery are then your best bet. They look and feel just like fresh cuts but last for several years. Retain a memory for everyone as well as for yourself…that’s what it comes down to!

Are you ready for your special day? 

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Yours Sincerely,
Team KONTOR 202