It’s the content of the museum and the work of the artist that should be at the forefront however, there is nothing against a stunning entrance to make everyone’s stay more welcoming and enjoyable. 

Opt to have a vivid green vertical, some preserved trees that need zero maintenance or choose to put up labels, way-signs or even a logo that is made with preserved moss. 


Just like in an office environment, when you’re studying or doing research it is elemental to stay focused and at ease. Whilst universities are often part of the central town planning, it’s more like a concrete jungle than a walk in the park. With the use and implementation of preserved green verticals, moss and jungle pictures as well as preserved trees one can easily create a natural environment that aids creative thinking, focus and productivity. 


Haptic Architects were the winners to redesign the Norwegian Government Headquarters, “Adapt”, which is based around the words “dignified, inviting, friendly and timeless”. A design that is both an attractive place for visitors and an exemplary workplace alike. Adapt incorporates state of the art design and of particular importance to us is the implementation of vivid preserved green verticals. Green verticals are made from vibrant green natural materials such as pole moss, polar moss, flat moss, ferns, papyrus, amaranthus and genarium plants, are maintenance free, sound-absorbing, hypo-allergenic and anti-static. 


One of the main reasons preserved flowers and greenery are used to decorate hospitals, private clinics, doctor’s offices, praxis and treatment rooms simply comes down to one key element; namely that these products are hypo-allergenic. A reason why and a hinderance that fresh cut flowers can not be placed in these types of locations to decorate their spaces.

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