Polar moss products and installations provide a soft connection with the natural surroundings of northern forests.
The intense beauty of the lichen and its texture invites touching.
It is a perfect material for the decoration of interior spaces of both public and private buildings.


With 16 colours to choose from there are infinite possibilities to make your installations stand out. Some colours more and some less intense to match your brand and style. 



There are ample ways in which the freshness and naturalness of lichen can be integrated in your space. In order to make it more overview friendly we have split them into categories.

Follow the link to view our already done projects or let yourself be inspired on our Inspos page with around-the-world-designs by other green designers.



Monochromatic panels of lichen available in 16 colours and 3 quality grades from Eco to Luxe. Usually prepared on 75 x 75 cm or 115 xx 75 cm panels of LowWeight Flat Foamed PVC Sheet 3 mm (EUROCLASS B, s2, d0 (EN13501).



Artistic and creative installations; fit to size, combination of colours and materials, angular, rounded, whichever it may be, custom orders are always welcome. We prepare all the design work for you too.



Make your brand stand out with the application of natural moss designed by us or prepared on the basis of a template provided by you; logos, images, sketches or drawings.



2D shapes, 3D shapes, letters, animal heads, convex shapes; “there is no end to natural creativity”.


Our natural products are meticulously preserved by using different techniques for each type of plant to ensure the best possible outcome in terms of aesthetic and durability. 
The preserved products are 100% natural whereby the natural sap in the plants is replaced by a 100% biodegradable conservation liquid. The colours are achieved through food dye. 
Our products require no watering nor any sunlight to sustain their beauty, thus no care or maintenance.
Only for indoor use!

Characteristics & Specifications:

→ is insect proof
→ is antistatic
→ reduces stress and increases productivity
→ increases attentiveness
→ reduces noise levels
→ helps to regulate interior humidity
→ does not contain any allergen
→ nor does it emit CO2