Express your personality with flowers!

Our DIY experience features many types of preserved REAL flowers & fillers, that do not require water or sunlight.

What are Preserved Flowers?

100% Natural Flowers

Preserved flowers are 100% natural products that have undergone a meticulous preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness without the need for water or sunlight.

Our suppliers produce and create the
Preserved Flowers & Fillers
with great care and continuous perfecting

The Cultivation

The flowers & plants are harvested at the tip of their most perfect bloom or at the height of their growth in terms of natural beauty. The freshly harvested plant then enters a meticulous preservation process in order to be fed with a proprietary solution of 100% plant-based and bio-degradable preservation formula.

The Preservation

The preservation liquid replaces the sap and water within the plant, turning the plant into a still-life image, creating a unique and 100% natural product. The preserved flowers and plants now remain this beautiful for years to come without watering, light and virtually maintenance-free.

The Technology

The basic method of preserving flowers and plants has existed for many years. Deliberate flower preservation as is known today, is only a more recent phenomenon and has been continuously perfected by our suppliers to deliver the most beautiful bloom or plant through optimized, upscaled and efficient operations in line with the most to-date environmental standards. 

Care and proper use of
Preserved Flowers

Resistant and durable

Our preserved plants & flowers are extremely resistant and long lasting. With the right care, you can enjoy your natural product for years to come. These natural products, sourced from only the best suppliers, do not require pruning or watering.

All they need…

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The only form of care the product requires is occasional de-dusting, ideally with a feather duster, soft make-up brush or air blower on low speed and cold modus. 

Extensive product catalogue with endless possibilities and uses

Wide variety

The unique characteristics and broad variety of our preserved flowers & foliage make them useful in a vast array of situations.

Varied uses

From a bridal bouquet that will keep the memory alive for years to a grand hotel lobby centerpiece or even a green vertical moss wall that brings nature into an office, without worrying about additional maintenance or cost.