The Frame is a special item within the Wave Collection. Like other Wave units, it has a name in the form of a number – e.g. 1057. However, in recent years its nickname ‘The Frame’ has become the common denominator in the kitchen and architecture world and we are happy to leave it that way.
It has turned out that the Frame lends itself well to playing with shapes, combina- tions, materials, lighting, and colour. We have processed an enormous number of customer requests and received beautiful photos of the results. A number of requests have been given a place within the standard range, which has therefore expanded considerably, we can now speak of a Frame family. This powerful family deserves a special stage – this Special.
In this Special we offer you an overview of the standard options, if you choose a Frame from the range – from page 8 you will see the many variations of this standard. Even if the family grows, customization is always an option. The Frame can be
further decorated as desired with various accessories which serves both looks
and convenience.
Finally, we let two of our partners have their say – Wonderwall Studios and Alphenberg. By cladding our motor houses with their natural, warm products,
a chic and exclusive look is created. Moreover, it is possible to have both types of material reflected in the interior of the kitchen and/or the living room. This makes the interaction strong with the Frame as a piece of furniture in the middle.



The wall-mounted models are not connected to the ceiling. The mounting frame of the 1119 and 1120 means that they barely touch the wall. This can be expanded upon by mounting island versions 2119 and 2120 in front of the wall. Very sleek and spacious.
The models are often combined with an integrated plasma filter which purifies the air by eliminating smells and particles. There are no ducts required, which means that the motor encounters barely any resistance. The lower the resistance, the lower the noise level and the higher the capacity. All models can also be supplied with an outside exhaust where desired.
The models are refined in their finish. They are available in various combinations of colours, such as matt black with a copper bottom. They can be upholstered with leather, which can be a benefit by being used as a showcase for colours. To blend the models with the interior, we recommend matching lighting elements – e.g. model 7611.
With the mounting frame, silent running, various finishes, possibilities for customisation and the unity with other ligh- ting elements on the wall, there is an important common element shared by all units in this series: it is refined enough to blend in with the interior while still being noticeable enough to be a true eye-catcher.


The appeal of an island model is largely determined by the mounting frame.
You can suspend the unit by a shaft, pendulums, or from a ceiling-mounted frame; use a design that is sleek, industrial, daring or rugged. models 2055, 2116, 2118, 2119 and 2120 are at their best either suspended over a kitchen island or in front of a kitchen wall. The dark colours combined with natural materials, open constructions, sleek lines, and daring shapes can be found in all contemporary environments.
The lamp-like models 2176, 2551, 2620, 2627 and 2630 are sus- pended using steel wires, making them subtle, stylish and elegant. A built-in plasma-filter ensures optimum cleaning of cooking fumes. It eliminates both smells and particles, a major benefit to your health. The renewed LED-lens offers pleasant lighting. No other series so clearly shows the trans- formation of the extractor hood from a mere machine to an item of furniture. In truth, it is a lamp that purifies the air.
As with many Wave models, the islands are available in all colours. Leather upholstery is also possible. The most com- mon colour samples are shown.
The island model is a valuable item of furniture that is an addition to your interior, with its high-quality finish evident in even the smallest details. Everything should be just so.


A built-in unit should be inconspicuous and of the highest standard and quality.
Inconspicuous enough to blend in with the design of the cup- board, less is more. Removing the controls and led fittings leaves a sleek lower panel. The steel can be painted in the same colour as the housing. The LEDs can be switched with additional LED sets to create a fine, inline lighting effect.
The technology is excellent. The unit is very easy to install and can be connected to sleek exhaust at any time. It is available with various types of internal or external motors. Naturally, the unit can also use a plasma or carbon filter to circulate the air in the kitchen.


The new collection of Wave ceiling units is the culmination of all the unique characteristics of a ceiling unit. Style, reduced installation height and maximised capacity.
A ceiling unit is stylish if it blends its housing. The custom panel is very minimalist, with matt white finish enhancing this effect. The rim of model 8230 is invisible following plastering or stucco. The excellent LED lens offers pleasant lighting. The unit can be switched with additional spotlights, creating a continuation of light. Model 8440 shows the extent to which a ceiling unit and a lighting unit can become intertwined. This unit is nothing short of illuminated.
All units can be combined with various internal or external motors. This means there is a fitting solution for any instal- lation height. Even with an internal motor, model 8231 is no higher than 165mm.
An adjusted panel and improved installation options make the most of motor capacity while ensuring low levels of noise and energy consumption. Each unit can be connected to sleek ducts, lowering resistance. If kitchen air needs to be circulated, all motors can be equipped with optional plasma or carbon-filters. Model 8673 even has a special hatch, speci- fically designed to make filter exchange as easy as possible.
An inconspicuous look combined with maximum yield.


As the extractor has been transformed into furniture, it should be able to dance a two-step with its surroundings. A blending of lines, atmosphere, warmth and lighting. What better way of making that dance happen than by levelling the dance floor? Simply by designing and producing a few elements ourselves.
And behold: a complete new line of Wave style icons. A power- ful collection of lamps. Naturally, these products are availa- ble in all colour combinations, and can be upholstered using various materials. Even the dimensions can be customised.
Lamps by Wave. A fine addition to your kitchen, dining table, or any other living space.


Wave’s mission is to design products that bring character to the most important room in your house: the kitchen. You know what colours and character you are looking for better than anyone. If you are leaning towards a certain design that is not available in our collection, we can help you by putting your thoughts on (drawing) paper and offering a price indica- tion. From adjustments to existing models to entirely new products.
When considering extractors or lighting, we recommend you think of the units as items of furniture. Ask yourself the same questions you would for the purchase of any sofa or cupboard. Consider colour combinations, measurements, finish, special (mounting) frames, upholstery using different materials, etc. We will help you fill in the details. No idea is too bold. That is what makes a design Worthy of Wave!


The look of leather is tough but at the same time chic, timeless, and yet modern and fits into any interior. The special qualities and properties make this material ideally suited not only for use on walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, doors, and fireplaces, but also on unexpected design elements in, for example, the kitchen.
Leather is our passion, and we are happy to share it with you. We are constantly developing new applications with leather, and the beauty of our projects is mainly in the combination of what designers come up with and what we ultimately make of them, – this makes Alphenberg unique.
For example, we developed the leather-covered extraction unit together with Wave. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship, the perfect combination of design and technology. This makes Alphenberg a specialist in high-end applications of leather in the interior.


Wonderwall Studios is a creative studio that designs and produces premium reclaimed wood panels for a variety of surfaces. The collections we develop reinforce the characteristics of wood.
As we work directly in the market, we can guarantee the best service for our customers. We are experts in the field of custom solutions as we think through from start to finish to create our beautiful product, for both large and small projects, worldwide.
This is how we came into contact with Wave. They are a quality brand of extraction units that are at the forefront of current trends. Together we have developed a series of exclusive upholstery that perfectly matches Wave’s extraction units, we also offer the option to match this covering with an accent wall.


A plasma filter is a specially designed means of purifying the air. It can be mounted on any extractor motor. As soon as the air passes through the filter, the purifying process begins. Clean air flows back into your kitchen (air circulation), elimi- nating the need for an outside exhaust. This saves energy.
The purification process not only eliminates smells, but also bacteria and germs, as well as dust, dust mites and grease. Another effect of cooking is an increase in particles in the house. The filter can also eliminate these particles. A major benefit to your health.
The filter is self-cleaning, and thus has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Another major advantage is that the self-cleaning properties mean there is no need for additional, resistance- increasing filters after the grease filters. This means motor capacity is maximised.