German WICKER Beach Chair

Physical (social) distancing for public areas on the beach or your hotel/bar/restaurant outdoor service area with our professional, rigid and easy to maintain/sanitise German-made Strandkorb (wicker beach chair). Being of heavy weight, chances are very limited that a chair will be blown away or over, even with strong winds. 


Comfort & Shelter


A Strandkorb provides comfort and shelter from sun and wind. Whether it’s a lofty apartment terrace in a high-rise building, a green garden on ground level or directly at the beach, its applications are unmatched.




DEKOLEN® is a high-quality material utilised in synthetic wickerwork which is suitable for all weather conditions and your guarantee of superior product characteristics and a long service life.
Synthetic wickerwork made of DEKOLEN® meets all the requirements of the following quality standards:

3 years warranty, uv resistant,
100% unused material, weatherproof, temperature-resistant -22 °F to +158 °F, water cleaning only, chlorine- and brine-resistant, mould repellent, no heavy metal, 100% recyclable (polyethylene)


Better safe than sorry!


The deVries beach chairs have been subjected to a technical safety test in accordance with DIN EN 581-1 and DIN EN 581-2 by TÜV-Rheinland. 
→ Tested premium quality.


FLEGT | Indonesian Legal Wood 


Fair treatment of nature of people!
Illegal logging is a major cause of forest destruction worldwide. In order to stop these illegal imports of wood, the European Commission presented the FLEGT action plan. FLEGT is an English abbreviation and stands for “law enforcement, policy making and trade in the forestry sector”.
→ Only finished products or wood combined with a proven “green thread” may be imported into Germany, for example.


Forest Stewardship Council


In the 90s dekoVries GmbH registered with FSC®, the fourth company in Germany at that time, under the registration number “FSC® DEU 0004”.
The logo shown above recognizes products that are made from wood from environmentally and socially responsible forests:
→ Wood comes from areas where there is no violation of traditional or civil rights,
→ Who are not under special protection and whose stocks are not endangered,
→ Whose trees have a natural origin and have not been genetically modified.


Textile Products of Highest Standard


Oeko-Tex® stands for an independent pollutant test for textile products of all types which pose no risk whatsoever to health. All deVries fabrics have been tested through an independent pollutant test in accordance to the Oeko-Tex® standard.