“Biophilia, if it exists, and I believe it exists,

is the innately emotional affiliation of human beings

to other living organisms.”

~ E.O. Wilson

HOW [we do it]

Biophilic + sustainable + wellness design concepts include a mixed use of the following and should be taken into close consideration and work in harmony with each other: 

• Air-purifying plants

• Natural wall murals with living plants or preserved moss + foliage

• Non-toxic organic materials 

• Outdoor spaces

• Sound + scent

• Indoor Landscaping

• Reuse + Recycle concepts 

• Green transport strategies

• Water efficiency

• Purchasing green materials 

• Acoustics Restorative quiet rooms

• Light quality and access to natural light

• Air quality 

• Signage + Wayfinding 

• Nourishment + drinking water 

• Green cleaning protocols

• Healthy HR policies