A properly stocked bar is a must if you enjoy entertaining.
A well mixed drink can help schmooze a boss, romance a date and impress a friend.
Now, if you think starting a home bar sounds like a daunting task, you’re wrong.

Read The Home Bar Rules:


Home Bar Rule #1:

Pick alcohol you actually enjoy imbibing!

A home bar’s main customer is YOU. Although you might feel you need to impress your guests you will end up spending a fortune. One of the reason’s for a home bar is actually to share your personal tastes and creations with your family and friends. So why not build on that.
What you stock in your bar and and why you stock it also makes great chat.


Home Bar Rule #2:

Start Small. 

You want to enjoy the art of mixology and the presence of your guests, not get stressed with creating extravagant cocktails you have never made before only to find out you’re missing half the ingredients anyways.

Mail your guests a week in advance to find out their favourites, create a list of the most common combinations and stock up on those. Simple as that.

Use the week to experiment and practice 😉 hiccup


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Home Bar Rule #3:

Get the right tools.

You will definitely need the proper tools for your apothecary of invigorating elixirs.
Apart from appropriate glass ware, the following should not go amiss and is sure to make your life easier and keep your guests happy:

Bar spoon
Cocktail shaker
Bottle opener
A starter kit would be the easiest choice 😉


Home Bar Rule #4:

A good Mixologist Recipe Book.

If you’re new to the world of mixing ultimate cocktails or haven’t been collecting your favourites recipes over the last  years you’ll need to get yourself a good book. We’ve found an excellent list from The Independent, if you “fancy yourself a bit of a mixologist but can’t whip up more than a G&T…”


Home Bar Rule #5:

A collection of appropriate cocktail sipping music.

Tune in here for some Blue Christmas.

Christmas is only 11 days away – have you got all your gifts together yet?

We look forward to seeing from you.


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