How to Create a Healthy Distance with Green

The need for physical distancing requires rethinking of the office space.

These times are difficult. COVID-19 is gripping the world and making governments, you and us alike in taking unprecedented steps to stay healthy whilst trying to avoid total economic malaise. We need to change our mindset and invest in our future. Unfortunately, this also means investing in adapting workspace and retail design. Eight square meters per person, the 2-meter-distance rule, masks, gloves, antiseptics, you name it…

The renewed focus is now on:

→ Wellbeing
→ Physical and psychological security
→ Change management
→ Technology.

The need for physical distancing requires rethinking of the office space and one of the easiest ways to approach this is through integrating room dividers in and around desks. With our “green” dividers you win twofold; the necessary distance as well as the health and productivity benefits of preserved moss and green!

Choose the “mini” room divider for tight spaces and blocking passageways. This can be used both single- and double-sided. Discover the natural materials that fit into this small and effective divider, here.

You can select from an array of moss types and other natural materials such as stone and sustainable tree barks. Mix and match to suit your interiors and the likes of your employees.

Separate offices and workstations with the larger room dividers that can also be used single- or double-sided.

The BioMontage Room Dividers come in these three different sizes:

Single: 60 cm wide x 122 cm high
Double: 122 cm wide x 122 cm high
Double Plus: 122 cm wide x 182 cm high

Plus the height of the wheel base.

We offer free consulting on the right type of product for you and are also always keen on creating the bespoke!

Did you know?

Green offices increase wellbeing by 47%, creativity by 45%, and productivity by 38%.

Exeter University Study, 2013

Read more on the scientific benefits of preserved moss installations here.

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