Floral decor is a large part of a hotel’s budget. Yet it is necessary as their guests require luxury at every corner especially for the four-five star hotels.

Hotels need to save time and money but also want to get the most of their floral budget. With KONTOR 202 you can achieve both; either reduce your floral budget or get more for your set budget.

Preserved floral and greenery is the perfect solution for high visibility areas such as lobby areas and centrepieces but also for private suites, in-room dining and many more. And this without losing the concept of fresh cut florals as our products are no different except that they are preserved and indeed look and feel like them. 


Florals can be used to reinforce your hotel brand. Flowers, plants and design can be tailored to your  marketing and sales strategy to make sure the right customers are engaged and keep coming back. There are also many other materials available that can also be used to create an atmosphere of affluence during a customer’s stay.

Standardised arrangements give a clear and visible signal that the hotel is organised enough to have thought this through without having to increase budgets or invest heavily in new furnishings. Boutique hotels, on the other hand, that generally prefer a more individual profile, can use flowers in precisely the opposite way. Unusual designs or materials serve to create interest, not just at the first point of contact but at various stages during their journey through the hotel. In this sense, it is perhaps preferable not to have cut flowers everywhere, but to stage the experience of the floral décor like a piece of music with cadences and crescendos, which begin and end at the main ‘Wow’ moment in the entrance.


Flowers show guests that not only do you care about your hotel, but you made the effort to extend a warm welcome. It’s the same reason why some luxury hotels place giant arrangements in the lobby intended for you to stop, photograph, and remember long after you check out.

Studies have proven there is a link between mood elevation and flowers. Your guests are on holiday and want to feel this way so why not brighten their day everyday with a bouquet of preserved roses in their suites and rooms?


Unusual designs create interest. Hotels that implement a good floral strategy throughout can keep a guest engaged while creating talking points and loyalty. The “wow” moment starts (and ends, as you check out) in the lobby, but maintaining the “wow” as guests journey through the hotel can be a challenge.

KONTOR 202 provides bespoke solutions for you and your hotel with preserved floral art, plant walls, eclectic designs or contemporary ones. AT the same time we can also combine the practicality of required partitioning or room dividers with an exciting design. 


Have you considered taking up floral arrangements at your in-house gift shop? Especially if you also serve a number of business clients our arrangements or the Chloe Flowerbox are the perfect solution for your customers to find the perfect gift for their clients or friends. 

Insufficient space for a in-house florist location? Need not worry, we can find the right solution with you to make the choice easy for your guests. 

KONTOR 202 can also create unique gifts for your VIP guests.

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