Flowers are an essential element that should enhance the experience of the restaurant and not interrupt the dining sensation. Although we love the fragrance from flowers, we need to bare in mind that the wrong scent can interfere with the taste of food.

The best solution for floral decoration in restaurants is to use preserved products; long-lasting floral compositions are obtained, which do not need to be changed every few days and that achieve the same effect as fresh flowers and plants.After all, preserved flowers are natural flowers that have undergone a 100% natural preservation process.

With flowers one can achieve the sought ambience, colour, and an individual style. We can help with your floral and plant art compositions in centrepieces, hanging flower adornments, wall greenery, partitioning, etc…


From minimal to extravagant, the right centrepiece sets the tone for your customers. 

Preserved flowers, topiary and green or coloured moss balls are the perfect products for more permanent decorations that can either be kept or changed on a rolling basis that can streamlined to suit your needs.

They need not be changed or maintained and you can therefore add more floral within your given budget or reduce your floral budget whilst maintaining the same effect and beauty or fresh-cuts.


Many restaurants have opted for green and natural wall decor to create a natural ambience with bespoke plant frames and green verticals. Materials used in the compositions are natural preserved varieties of moss, ferns, leaves tropical or nordic. 

Bespoke designs can also be created in different colour combinations from polar (reindeer) moss that is available in 16 colours to achieve a natural, eclectic, Boheme or contemporary style. 

These products are so versatile that with ease a logo can be integrated in your green wall, at the bar, or the entrance area for example. 


Did you know that reindeer moss has sound absorbing qualities? It can have a sound absorbing coefficient of up to 50%. 

Partitioning is effective to achieve a better overall sound in your location, to add a touch of privacy and to increase the cosiness factor. All of which increase the wellbeing of your customers and the retention rate. 

Choose from a vast range of products such as preserved Tenuifolium Hedges, bespoke made moss walls and partitioning or preserved trees and topiary to enhance the feel-good vibes.


Make use of our preserved nature and floral art compositions in your cafe, bar, club, event space, exhibition, food truck or whichever your location may be. 

Set the right tone and set yourself apart from competition by creating a wow-ambience that no customer will want to leave and keep coming back. 

It’s never been easier. 


Consider decorating the entrance or focal point area with your businesses’ colours or placing the logo design on a wall or bar.

We at KONTOR 202 can help you find the most suitable combination of preserved mosses to suit your entrance area with professionally made logo designs.

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