What makes us stand out?

That’s a question we will gladly answer. We strongly believe in high standards for quality, sustainability and pleasure. There are many reasons why we believe you should buy your artificial lawn from the Royal Grass brand and not just any supplier. Below you will find our best reasons summed up:
  • Quality and reliability is our main priority
  • Unlike other brands, our artificial grass looks 100% natural
  • Safe for the environment and respect for nature
  • The latest technologies and innovations in the market
  • UV warranty of 8 to 11 years
  • Over 12 years of proven experience


V-shape fibers with MiNT Technology

To make Royal Grass look as natural as possible, we continuously study natural grass. Since 2005, we are the first and only artificial grass manufacturer to produce the ‘V-shape’, inspired by nature. This is a lengthwise fold in each blade, just like real turf.

Our latest development is Micro Nerve Technology (MiNT). We integrated the micro veins running lengthways on grass fibers. To strongly reduce glare and make our artificial grass look as natural as possible!

The advantages of V-shape artificial grass fibers with MiNT technology

  • The ‘backbone’ and ideal angle of the V-shape result in grass blades that stay upright for longer. This provides a far superior product in comparison to traditional fake grass.
  • Thanks to Micro Nerve Technology, the fibre has strongly reduced reflection, preventing the turf from having an unrealistic and plastic look.

These developments are patented, so no other artificial grass company can offer the same natural look with V-shape fibre and MiNT technology!


Enjoy your garden every single day of the year with artificial grass. This durable, unique grass carpet requires very little maintenance, and is a stylish solution for any garden.

Royal Grass offers a range of high-quality grasses that have especially been designed for landscaping and other private uses. Artificial grass of today looks real! An artificial lawn is a safe investment for years. Besides this, it has many benefits. An artificial lawn is easy to clean, requires little care and can be installed anywhere.



Playgrounds in residential areas and schools are used very intensively; all the more when they have challenging playground equipment for children to climb on. Natural grass will usually not survive rough playground treatment and requires a large amount of maintenance.

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative for natural grass and enables children to enjoy playing in an environment created especially for them. Artificial grass is multi-functional, take a look at our examples of play areas.


Artificial grass is the perfect basis for your balcony; away with that boring concrete. Turn your balcony into an attractive ambience with Royal Grass artificial grass. It will make your balcony look really trendy! Royal Grass is the ideal green decking cover, offering you great satisfaction for many years to come.

A patio is an outdoor living space, often adjoining your house and garden. Normally, a patio is used very intensively for dining, relaxation and come to gather with family and friends. Patios are usually made of a hard surfacing; paved, made of concrete, gravel, flagstone or other materials. We think artificial grass is very suitable for a patio. It can be used safely and creates a friendly and relaxed ambiance.



Add a stylish, lively touch to your roof terrace by laying artificial grass with the natural look of Royal Grass. You can create a green oasis on your rooftop in no time. Royal Grass is easily combined with your own personal taste in decorating. Potted plants and garden furniture are very suitable. Royal Grass artificial grass will match any style, from classical to the latest modern trends.

View the different types of artificial grass and choose the one that suits your balcony or roof terrace. A rooftop has the same requirements as mentioned for a balcony. The drainage must be well organized and the substrate must be level. Also make sure you secure (fasten) the grass carpet firmly. A roof deck forms one of your home’s critical spots of high winds.


If you are a creative and handy person, the things you can do with Royal Grass are endless. For crafts or the bigger works like buildings, artificial grass is very suitable for your projects.

Imagine you can suit your garden furniture, even your car inside or out with artificial grass! Our grass is perfectly soft and you can give your vehicle, garden or home touch of green. Make a nice fake grass carpet for your children’s room to give it a natural feel. Or use it for decorating an exhibition stand. This will surely attract viewers to you stand, giving you the opportunity to start a conversation.

Many offices all over the world have a Royal Grass artificial grass carpet on their floors. Employees feel like they are working outside in a field of green. Productivity ensured! Artificial grass is perfect for artful applications. In cultural centres you can often spot a piece of art made with Royal Grass.

We are often chosen for this kind of application, because our brand is loved for the quality it breathes. Natural looking and perfectly soft, irresistible to touch!


‘Green’ really is a feel good factor in our living environment. Grass often forms the basis for green areas. Lovely fresh green grass, nothing is more suitable for brightening up public spaces. From the perspective of park management, grass is certainly not the most ideal material. Grass is susceptible to wear and requires intensive maintenance. Artificial grass, on the other hand, has a high load-bearing capacity and forms a tough, durable and maintenance-friendly solution for urban green areas and economically responsible park management. The Royal Grass assortment contains high-quality and low-cost artificial grass products specifically designed for public landscaping.

Our website provides extensive information about artificial grass and examples of its use in public spaces. Artificial grass has to be able to fulfil specific needs for various types of landscaping projects. Artificial grass for a roundabout for example, has to be installed in a different way and has to meet different requirements, than artificial grass for green roofs. Artificial grass for public parks and gardens is a relatively new concept and people’s knowledge in this area is usually quite limited. As a quality, service oriented producer, Royal Grass would be pleased to help you in the planning phase. Feel free to contact us for advice – no strings attached.



In 2003, Royal Grass® originally developed and launched artificial grass for use in gardens, public parks, roof terraces and other landscaping applications with the objective of making it as indistinguishable as possible from natural grass.

Royal Grass® offers a 8-11 year warranty against discolouration and UV degradation of the fibres, depending on the intensity of the sun at the installation location. After all, the intensity of sunlight is different in northern countries such as Sweden and countries with very intense sun and heat like Dubai.

The warranty is given on behalf of the manufacturer of the artificial grass fibres, TenCate.



To get the very most out of Royal Grass® and to extend the life span of the artificial turf, a degree of maintenance is required. This means removing all debris, such as leaves, and brushing the grass cover often. This will result in many years of pleasure derived from the use of Royal Grass®. Artificial turf may be low in maintenance, but it is not entirely maintenance-free!

  • Brush the grass regularly with a stiff broom or rake
  • Keep the grass free of debris and leaves.
  • Remove leaves using a leaf blower or rake.
  • Remove any weeds immediately to prevent seed dispersal.
  • Use clean water to rinse off any spills, such as liquids, sauce or melted ice cream.
  • Pet excrement or smells can be removed using a shovel or detergent and water.
  • Avoid contact with hot materials (or close proximity to glass structures) to prevent shrinkage of the grass fibres.




Is artificial grass suitable for pets?

When you have pets, the first priority is that your grass carpet can resist intensive use. Especially dogs love to play and romp around on artificial turf. Not a problem with Royal Grass®. Artificial grass of Royal Grass® has been provided with a double backing and fibres that are highly resilient and wear-free. This means that playing dogs on your artificial grass from Royal Grass® are absolutely no problem.

Cats and dogs can sometimes get a little too excited and may have a little accident on the artificial grass. Fortunately, this is also no problem. Urine and excrement don’t leave permanent stains and aren’t harmful for the artificial turf. So, there’s no need for you to keep cats and dogs out of your garden. From a hygienic point of view, it is advisable to rinse the spot immediately with some lukewarm water. Most of the time this is sufficient to prevent the smell of urine. Should a urine odor in your garden bother you, there are products to combat a penetrant urine odour. For example, you can clean the artificial turf with a mixture of water and white vinegar. There are also various biodegradable products for sale, specifically developed to remove the smell of cat and dog pee. These anti-urine sprays are for sale in garden centres and pet shops. In addition, you can use odour neutralising granules.

Why spread sand on artificial grass?

Decorative artificial grass has long blades ranging in height from 25mm to 45mm. Such blades of grass need support in order to stand up straight. In products without a thatch (synthetic moss or root zone), this is achieved with the help of a layer of sand approx. 2cm deep.

Using sand fill has a number of benefits. These benefits apply to all types of artificial grass, either with or without thatch.

One of the sand’s functions is to weigh down the artificial grass. The extra weight means that the grass stays in place and doesn’t need to be fixed in any other way.

The sand provides stability and protects the turf. As a result, no wrinkles or folds develop through use.

The sand also surrounds the long blades of artificial grass and ensures that they remain erect.

An additional benefit of filling with sand is that it helps make the grass more fire resistant, for example in case the barbecue is knocked over onto the grass.

Whichever type of artificial grass you choose, we would advise you always to use sand fill (except for indoor use).  Ultimately, it increases the lifespan of the artificial grass.

How should artificial grass be maintained?

Cleaning: It is important to keep artificial turf clean. Remove any leaves, weeds and other debris immediately.

Brushing: The grass fibres tend to lay flat after usage. Periodically raking or brushing the fibres will remedy this.

Blowing away leaves: Keep the artificial turf clean using a normal leaf blower or vacuum cleaner blower. But make sure the sand in sand-filled artificial turf does not blow away.

Weed control: Keeping the artificial turf clean will prevent weed growth. Weeds can be easily removed by plucking, brushing or raking the grass. Make sure weeds are removed before they can take root, especially along the edges of the turf. A number of environmentally friendly products can be purchased at home improvement centres and garden centres that kill algae, moss and weeds directly. If the instructions are followed carefully, the artificial turf will not suffer any damage.

Chlorine: Artificial turf made with polyamide fibres (PA) may not come into contact with chlorine products, as this can discolour the fibres.

Can artificial grass be repaired?

Suppose something happens accidentally with my artificial grass, is repair possible? Such as replacing a melted patch?Fortunately it is not common, but the greatest risk of damage is related to heat, causing melting spots on the grass.Any damage to artificial grass can be repaired. The damaged piece of artificial turf is cut out and replaced by a new piece. It is therefore advisable to save any remnants of Royal Grass® left over after installation. These can be used for any repairs.You must be aware of the fact that used artificial grass will look differently than new turf, even when it is the same product. You can compare this with normal carpet. A repair usually remains visible. Over time, this difference will be less and less visible.

Is ROYAL GRASS® Suitable for small children?

Royal Grass® is nice and soft. Small children will enjoy playing and crawling on it. And after a downpour, Royal Grass® will not remain wet for long. Also artificial grass isn’t slippery when wet. After a short time, the kids can go out again and play, and you won’t have to worry about them getting muddy or wet. And artificial grass and the sand filler are absolutely harmless, even if eaten by small children.

Is ROYAL GRASS® harmful if swallowed accidentally?

No, neither the artificial grass nor our special filler sand is harmful to children or animals in any way.

Is artificial grass fire proof?

Open fire and hot objects must be avoided on artificial grass. Royal Grass is made of high-grade synthetic fibres that do not catch fire but that will melt when coming into contact with hot objects. With normal use you don’t have to worry about your artificial lawn catching fire.

Does artificial grass heat up in the sun?

Artificial grass has many benefits but indeed one drawback. It does heat up in the sun. Natural grass has a cooling effect, artificial grass does not. Again the comparison with pavement, tiles, stone and indeed sand applies, as this also retains the sun’s heat.

However, artificial grass is very popular in countries with hot climates. The advantages of artificial grass – like water saving – does make up for the disadvantage of the higher temperature of the lawn.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Zero water needed
  • Low maintenance required
  • No more lawn mowing
  • Long lifespan
  • Most natural looking artificial grass available!
  • 8-11 years of warranty on UV stability
  • Safe as toys
  • Countless applicatiopns
  • More economical than natural products thanks to their lifespan.