Infinity Collection

Beautiful, genuine, preserved roses that are available in a wide colour palette.

At the time of their most beautiful flowering, they are carefully treated with a proprietary solution, which stops the growth of the rose in its most perfect state.

This way they maintain their naturalness and remain beautiful for several years just like on the first day!

CHLOE • by L’ATELIER KONTOR 202 is shining in a new Glory with handmade boxes available in White and Black and Royal Blue and Red Velvet finished with Gold elements that bring a touch of luxury to your own four quarters and brighten up dull areas.

Chloe Flowerbox, Infinity Roses, Infinity Collection, Red Roses, Cyprus Florist
Chloe Flowerbox, Infinity Roses, Infinity Collection, Red Roses, Cyprus Florist

Unique Diversity

Choose from a range of more than 15 colours, from intense to delicate. Create your own individual bouquets with us to match your own interior. Several varied options are available with our arrangements in your desired design; be it a pattern, letter or symbol in the arrangements or a combination of colours.

If you prefer to use your own custom containers/vases we would be more than pleased to plan and arrange this with you.

The arrangements can also be used for corporate gifts, special occasions or to treat those longterm and loyal guests.

Make them a truly special, graceful and timeless gift, decorate your rooms or show your guests and clients that your are committed.

Host events with timeless decor and turn your Bridal Bouquet into a truly magnificent keepsake that keeps the memories for years and years.

Interior Design

Style your interiors with our professional and creative help. 

Create a space you don’t want to leave.

Add an eye-catcher that one will not want to take their eyes off.

Create luxury interiors with Infinity Roses.

Get in touch with us for assistance in the planning process. It doesn’t just have to be a Chloe Flowerbox.
You may prefer to use your own vase, ornament, vessel or we can find the right one with you, for you.

Chloe Flowerbox, Infinity Roses, Interior Design, Preserved Flowers, Cyprus Florist
Chloe Flowerbox, Infinity Roses, Wedding Flowers, Wedding Decoration, Bonbonnieres

A Love Story

A symbol of everlasting love and a wonderful reminder of your special day.

A Chloe Flowerbox is the ultimate wedding decoration, home accessory, a perfect gift, or as as wedding favours (bombonieres).

These exclusive boxes as well as our special Infinity Bridal Bouquets will always remind you of that extraordinary moment in life bringing back loving and fond memories with every glance.

The entire palette of rose colours can be customised to match the colour theme of your special day.

Visit us in store or contact us directly for an appointment.



Fresh Roses for an Eternity!

Never water again!
Our Infinity Roses require no water or any other care products. 

They simply bloom without any help.

Please do not touch them too roughly to prevent them from losing shape and colour. 

Additionally, our Infinity Roses love shaded areas and not be exposed to excessive heat, direct sunlight or humidity. 

Gently swing the feather duster to keep your roses looking clean. 

Remember the petals are very delicate.

Please do not try to remove the roses from its Flowerbox.

Chloe Flowerbox, Infinity Roses, Hotel Interior Design, Preserved Flowers, Cyprus Florist

Benefits at a Glance

  • Long shelf-life.
  • Significantly lower carbon footprint than fresh-cut and artificial flowers. 
  • Low energy, transport and storage costs.
  • Help protect the environment one at a time and save water.
  • Endless possibilites in an array of colours and situations.
  • More economical than natural products due to their lifetime .