In today’s world we are surrounded by concrete, traffic, air-, noise- and light pollution, and the constant buzz of modern life. We live in a perpetual state of information overload and attention fatigue, thanks to our chaotic digital lifestyles. Our innate emotional need for outdoor spaces, fresh air, green living things, and the trickling sound of cool flowing water is no longer satisfied.

It is therefore not surprising that the movement towards clean living and well-being has amplified the current trend of transporting nature indoors.

Whether inspired by Japanese gardens, tropical rainforests or the Troodos mountains, there has been a proliferation of greened interiors in commercial, residential and hospitality projects. Aesthetically, greenery enhances the overall space, while counterbalancing the increased use of technology, creating a balanced atmosphere, reducing workplace stress and increasing performance and productivity.

KONTOR 202 in collaboration with BELCAT DESIGN brings a little sensation of the outdoors inside.

With preserved plants that are created from ferns, moss, foliage and palms, stabilized in an immersion formula we produce green walls, hanging gardens, garden installations, and trees for interior spaces – real greenery that needs no sun or water, and lasts for years.

Green Walls

Moss is that green patch that shows up when moisture and shade mix. It looks good in Japanese gardens and on the walls of abandoned castles and fortresses. Sometimes, as an accidental ground cover, it adds a layer of history to a shady flagstone path. 

For some designers, artists and architects, moss is also an inspiration and an ideal material for their work. Moss, even in a preserved state, has benefits; inspiring calmness in those who look at it and providing greenery in spaces that normally couldn’t support living walls. 

Moss walls not only look amazing, but they also have a natural sound proofing quality, which makes them particularly useful for restaurants, offices and clinics.

We use three different kinds of moss, Pole Moss, Forest Moss and Polar/Reindeer Moss or Lichen. These can be applied separately or in combination with preserved foliage and dead wood. 

Green Frames

As an alternative to complete wall covering we produce moss frames ready to hang, both in homes and commercial interiors such as offices, restaurants, hotels and public spaces not limited to hospitals, shopping centers and educational environments.

Like for the moss walls, for our preserved plant frames we use only vibrant green natural materials such as pole moss, polar moss, forest moss, ferns, papyrus, amaranths and other foliage as well as dead wood for a maintenance free green design.

Countless options are available with our arrangements in your desired design; be it a pattern, letter or symbol in the arrangements or a combination of colours.

If you prefer to use your own custom frame or containers/vases we would be more than pleased to plan and arrange this with you.

Polar Moss (Lichen)

Polar moss, a 100% natural raw material is probably the most resilient and versatile material for indoor greenery. Also known as Reindeer Moss it is a beautiful greyish-coloured lichen that forms large mats over the ground in northern forests near the Arctic Circle. The beauty of polar moss lies in its multidimensional structure and rounded upper surface. Each sprig of moss is unique; you will not find two that are alike. It cannot be cultivated.

Polar moss is hand-picked and undergoes a preservation process followed by a colourisation process. Polar moss is thus available in 16 different colours.

Polar moss is used in many of our design products. Whether it is in wall cladding, frames, spheres, interior gardens, logos or symbols polar moss shines in whatever colour. Its profound beauty invites touching. Small damages created by too curious hands can easily be repaired.

Preserved Plants

In collaboration with BELCAT DESIGN we work on projects whose end goal is to decorate and transform the interior of houses. Moving furniture around or changing colours, putting up new lighting or new furniture may not always have the desired effect. With floral interior decoration it is possible to rapidly and radically change the appearance of a house or indoor space.

Plants have always been an important ornamental element in homes, commercial premises or in offices, however, with the known drawbacks that light may be insufficient, continuous maintenance is required and that people may react allergically to plants. Preserved plants require no light or watering and the maintenance requirement is next to nothing and for as long as the preserved plant is kept indoors in an air-conditioned environment, with no exposure to UV, water, or high heat emitting light sources, then the plant will remain in their fresh-cut state for years.

At KONTOR 202 we have a large variety of plants to choose from. This ranges from tiny bonsai trees and small topiaries to up to 2.4m tall Eucalyptus trees.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Long shelf-life
  • Next to Zero maintenance required
  • No light or sun required
  • No threat for people with allergies
  • No water needed.
  • Endless possibilites in an array of colours and situations
  • More economical than natural products thanks to their lifespan.