Live or Preserved Paintings – Green Verticals for the interior

In modern times we are moving further and further away from nature. Our private and professional environment is increasingly determined by advancing globalisation and digitisation, which are gradually leading to alienation between us and nature.

At KONTOR 202, we are committed to the return to values ​​such as the bond with nature, aesthetics and well-being plays an important role in the creation of alternative, health-promoting interiors. Our design elements represent vertical plant walls, pictures and mobile green units, living or preserved. Always oriented to the wishes of our customers, our creativity has no limits.

The diversity of nature offers inspiration for the object to be greened and is a perfect model for the design of living spaces. We let nature grow on the vertical wall. Lively mural paintings emerge in a variety of shades and colours. Such transformed rooms positively change the room climate. A revitalising breathing air in turn promotes well-being and increases performance.

KONTOR 202 develops and implements contemporary greening concepts based on the application of biophilic principles in the design of working environments, buildings and interiors.

Concepts for a healthy and productive life!

Preserved Green Walls

Moss is that green patch that shows up when moisture and shade mix. It looks good in Japanese gardens and on the walls of abandoned castles and fortresses. Sometimes, as an accidental ground cover, it adds a layer of history to a shady flagstone path.

For designers, artists and architects, moss is also an inspiration and an ideal material for their work. Moss, even in a preserved state, has benefits; inspiring calmness in those who look at it and providing greenery in spaces that normally couldn’t support living walls.

Moss walls not only look amazing, but they also have a natural sound proofing quality, which makes them particularly useful for restaurants, offices and clinics.

We use three different kinds of moss, Pole Moss, Forest Moss and Polar/Reindeer Moss or Lichen. These can be applied separately or in combination with preserved foliage and dead wood.

Living Green Walls – Vertical Gardens

Turn bare walls into vibrant green oases

Living green on the wall or vertical gardens are going to be key factors of future life. It is at the leading edge of contemporary architecture, creating a liveable environment. Its popularity is growing throughout Europe. It promotes a healthy indoor climate, has a sound-absorbing effect and is a magnificent eye-catcher that leaves an impression on every passers-by.

Green walls are available in many different types and sizes, for indoor and outdoor use, for hydro and earth culture, modular and custom made. Green walls use minimal floor space and still provide a high volume of foliage. Green wall systems can be constructed vertically to any height. Innovative solutions fulfil new social and environmental demands from creating aesthetic surrounding to improve life quality indoors & out.

Plant to plate lifestyle! – grow your own veggies and fruit organically without the need for a large garden and at a fraction of what you would pay at an organic grocery.

Preserved Green Frames

As an alternative to complete wall covering we produce moss frames ready to hang, both in homes and commercial interiors such as offices, restaurants, hotels and public spaces not limited to hospitals, shopping centers and educational environments.

Like for the moss walls, for our preserved plant frames we use only vibrant green natural materials such as pole moss, polar moss, forest moss, ferns, papyrus, amaranths and other foliage as well as dead wood for a maintenance free green design.

Countless options are available with our arrangements in your desired design; be it a pattern, letter or symbol in the arrangements or a combination of colours.

If you prefer to use your own custom frame or containers/vases we would be more than pleased to plan and arrange this with you.

Living Green Frames

Lively pictures with real plants

Live picture are a stylish and space-saving solution to include plants in any interior – innovation, design and green come together in a very special way.
The frame includes an irrigation system with a reservoir, which ensures that the plants are supplied with water for four to six weeks.
Thanks to an innovative, patented construction no electricity is needed. Live picture are easy and quick to attach to any wall with just a few screws.


Reconnect with the natural world

BioMontage addresses the human need to be in touch with the natural world by incorporating a diversity of natural materials into the built environment.

The BioMontage System:

  • Easy to install, two-piece frames that hold natural materials on walls.
  • Quick and easy changes of natural material inserts and infinite design possibilities.
  • BioMontage requires no light, maintenance or water.

Original Natural Inserts

  • Preserved Reindeer Moss Panels in three popular colors.
  • Sustainable Poplar Bark Panels.
  • Light Stone Panels in two natural colors.
  • Preserved Pole Moss in Vivid Green color.
  • Preserved Long Moss in Deep Green color.
  • Upcycled Mangium Tree Branch Tiles.
  • Upcycled Coconut Tree Bark

Preserved Plants

In collaboration with BELCAT DESIGN we work on projects whose end goal is to decorate and transform the interior of houses. Moving furniture around or changing colours, putting up new lighting or new furniture may not always have the desired effect. With floral interior decoration it is possible to rapidly and radically change the appearance of a house or indoor space.

Plants have always been an important ornamental element in homes, commercial premises or in offices, however, with the known drawbacks that light may be insufficient, continuous maintenance is required and that people may react allergically to plants. Preserved plants require no light or watering and the maintenance requirement is next to nothing and for as long as the preserved plant is kept indoors in an air-conditioned environment, with no exposure to UV, water, or high heat emitting light sources, then the plant will remain in their fresh-cut state for years.

At KONTOR 202 we have a large variety of plants to choose from. This ranges from tiny bonsai trees and small topiaries to up to 2.4m tall Eucalyptus trees and up to 6m tall Palm trees.

 What is the difference between a living wall and a preserved wall? 

First of all, the differences between living and preserved walls do not make one superior to the other. Both types of plant walls have unique characteristics. Living walls are alive. They require appropriate lighting, watering and pruning on a regular basis. Preserved walls are preserved (as one would guess) and require little to no maintenance.

There are living wall systems that can be hand watered like your common houseplant, and walls with built-in irrigation systems that operate with automatic timers. A living wall is like a garden, but vertical. Living walls require light! Therefore, to select the space for proper plant placement is important. However, artificial lighting can do the trick as well. Living walls require maintenance! Something however we can do for you as well.

If you opt for a preserved wall, you never have to see us again! Preserved walls do not require water, light or maintenance. Therefore, they are perfect for a space without daylight. All our preserved plants are treated with non-toxic, vegetable glycerin and food colouring, where applicable. Occasional dusting may be required but then again interior spaces sometime need a good dusting too!

 How long do they last?

Since living walls are vertical gardens, they can last indoors or outdoors as long as the conditions of the wall, potting materials and the natural elements of their environment allow.

Living walls can be attached with supporting structures to the side of a building or a free standing wall. Not only are they ascetically pleasing, they are used for growing herbs and flowers, reducing temperatures, pollution and the stresses of everyday life. Living walls change slightly over time, giving you a new look as the life cycle evolves. They help the planet by reusing grey water. They make an epic home for birds and insects and are proven to increase property value.

Our moss walls use real, sustainably harvested moss, ferns, flowers and other vegetation. The preservation process allows the plants to keep their natural color and texture, so you can count on the moss plant painting to have a consistent impact on your space. Unlike living walls, moss walls will never release pollen or spores, but they also reduce stress and add aesthetic value to real estate. We secure every plant by hand as it’s more like building with plants than it is gardening.

Moss walls can last four years and beyond, depending on factors such as light, humidity and physical treatment. Therefore

Avoid crushing, pressing or folding the foliage, petals or flowers

Keep indoors, out of direct sunlight

Avoid humidity above 80% & below 30%

No watering or placing the product in water